The replica watches, especially the origin

Fondazione Cannavaro Ferrara was founded in 2005 by Fabio Cannavaro and Paolo Cannavaro Brother (also a professional football player), the old teammate Ciro Ferrara and Brother Vincenzo Ferrara with the purpose of supporting their homeland out. Fondazione organizations based in Naples, Italy has raised more than 3 million euros to support replica watches uk somewhat work to create a better future for teenagers encountering difficult problems with poor families and poor families . Through sports and sports orientation programs, this organization has directly helped children can develop their own ability as well as quickly re-incorate with society.

Despite being crashed from the herbal career for more than a decade ago, the Cannavaro boy was born in Napoles that were always considered by many people as one of the best defenders. For more than two decades, Cannavaro played for some of Europe's best clubs such as Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid. But most importantly, replica watches and many people remember the most is the time for Cannavaro to hold the captain of Italian national team. Italian national team won the World Cup championship in 2006. Also this year, Fabio Cannavaro football star won the title of FIFA and Ballon d'OR.

Not inferior to the bright history of Cannavaro player is the Patek Philippe Ref watch. 5208R-001. In recent years, REF. 5208 is one of the modern patek clock patterns for many collectors. And in fact, this is the first replica watch with the same functions: bell points, perpetual calendar, chronograph a press pen. Although not public, but according to the estimates of perennial clock players, every year Patek Philippe only produces about 10 ref. 5208 per year by creating each of this watch requires specialized manual workmanship.

Moreover, the Patek Philippe replica watch is owned by Fabio Cannavaro is also the REF version. The first 5208 rose gold appeared in a reputable auction. This will be a rare opportunity for passionate enthusiasts to own one of the contemporary clock "grails" as well as contribute to support for high humanities.

Thomas Perazzi, Head of Asian Clock, Phillips, said: "We are honored to entrust the task of selling this replica watch, a very rare model of Patek Philippe Reference 5208R. As far as we know, this is the first time a replica watch Patek Philippe Reference 5208 pink gold is given auction. The watch is in particular origin because it is owned by Fabio Cannavaro, the captain of the World Cup National Football Team in 2006. "